Toothing Planes

These planes, that were used to roughen up the substrate before veneering, are seen as being available in 1862.  The 1873 Catalogue lists #850  Coarse or Fine 2″ single iron and #851 as being the same but with a double iron [?].    Mentioned here only because we will never see one of these!!
The 1897 Catalogue shows this:

The 1909 Catalogue shows a new numbering system:

The 1921 Catalogue shows the same cut and exactly the same prices.
The 1928 entry is shown below:

1938 catalogue shows exactly the same as 1928

The 1959 shows these changes:

The last entry to show the availability of these ‘planes’ is in the April 1962 Price List where #2840 is listed at 30/6d and #2841 is 38/-

This next photo is of the plane #2841 with 2 included cutters:


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