Tinmen’s Tools

A page that is in construction  March 202


Shown below is Item #6703….’Tinmen’s ‘Safety’ Snips’. I have first found  these in the 1938 Catalogue, but they were probably introduced before then, and they endured until the 1965 Catalogue and beyond. This pair shown here is pre-1965, because the handles are gloss paint Black, not a Crackle finish.  This c.1940? MARPLES tool only states ‘Sheffield’ !! And surely there is an ‘S’ missing at the end of ‘SON’ !

Above is the 1938 listing.
Below is the 1959 listing and below that is the 1965 listing.
Note the differences in size availability between the years.

Item #6702 Tinmen’s ‘Safety Snips with Curved Blades’ c.1950? Hand forged. Available 6-12″. This example [above] may have been modified as the handle ends seem bent outwards. Non-Safety snips [<1940?] had the 2 handle ends meet, and caused pinched palms.
The snips below are Item# 6705.1/2 ‘Jeweller’s Snips with Curved blades’. Only sold in a 7 inch length they were available 1938 -1965 [although the 1965 entry shows the handles to be not closed at the ends.]



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