Timber Gouge

                                       TIMBER TESTING GOUGE                                                                                   

From my catalogues I deduce that this special gouge [which looks similar to a cheese tester!] was first seen around 1908 and was identified as Item #7118. [This same number endured with this tool until the very end of its’ production which was c. 1963.]

I have yet to find out how it was used, but maybe it was to produce a Timber sample that could be looked at under a Microscope for identification purposes?
The same print was used in all the catalogues, except that in the 1909 Catalogue there was no included picture of the item which was described as having a Rosewood Handle and a Bent blade and Leather Sheath, all for 2/6d.[as shown above].
By 1928 the price has risen to 3/6d and this price is also seen in 1938, with Rosewood Handles still being supplied.

We then jump to 1959 which is from the below picture. You will note that the handles are now of Hardwood [Beech]

The pictures below may depict a later [post war] example of this tool since the blade seems to be sharpened completely differently to the pre-war example shown above AND there seems to be very litte, if any, curvature to the blade.

An earlier example with Rosewood Handles and a distinct blade curvature is shown here:

The last entry indicating that this tool was still available is in the April 1962 Price List and shows a price of 17/6d.


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