Thumb Planes

These very small planes can first be found in the 1897 catalogue.   {They probably had been introduced before then, but I have no access to an 1888 catalogue}  They are not in the 1873 catalogue so let us assign an introductory date of c.1895.  Here are the 1897 catalogue entries:

As can be seen above, these planes were produced in both Beech and Boxwood and it is more likely that you will find a Boxwood example today as it is more resistant to wear.

The 1909 catalogue entries are here:

You will note that in the 1909 entries there is an item number revision.
These rare planes are not to be found in either the 1921 or 1928 catalogues and so we must assume that they were de-listed just before WWI , as happened with so many tools, which did not re-appear after that War.

Here are some photos of the plane that I have.  It is Boxwood and has no markings on the plane itself or the blade.  The relatively thich blade is 15/16″ wide and 2.3/4″ long with a hardened steel cutting edge insert.  The body of the plane is 2.3/4″ long and 1.3/16” at its widest point with 1.1/4″ being the height.  The wedge is also made of boxwood.


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