Tack Claws


[These tools are also dealt with briefly under ‘Upholsterers’ Tools].

These tools, used to remove Tacks or small nails are first to found in the 1897 Catalogue, and probably were introduced before this time:

The 1909 Catalogue shows these entries:

As you can see this is a mirror image reversal of the 1897 Catalogue entry but with a newly assigned number, see also below showing 3 options of this tool:

These tools are not mentioned in the 1921 Catalogue, probably having still been dropped from the line due to financial constraints resulting from fighting the Germans. But the 1921 Catalogue does indicate that a full list of Upholstery tools may be had on application, indicating that the Catalogue was not a complete list.
They are re-introduced by the time the 1928 Catalogue was published but it looks as though old #3947 has been now numbered #3541 and old #3949 becomes new number #3546 and the Rosewood variety has been de-listed.:

The listing in 1938 follows and shows that #3542 with an Ash handle is a new addition, that a short Beech Ball handled variety #3543 is in production but that the Strong Pattern #3546 has been dropped from the line:

We have to wait until 1959 to see the next catalogue entry showing that the   Ash handled #3542 is no longer present:

In the 1965 Catalogue only the #3541 is mentioned and showing a Brown painted cap to the now Ash handle:

This #3541 continued through to August 1973 when it is shown in the M2 MARPLES Catalogue having a ‘Hardwood‘ handle:

By July 1979 there is no mention that this tool was available, but suddenly in May 1985 a ‘New Item’ was introduced…M180 Tack Lifter costing £3.16.          I can find no pictures of this item and surmise that it may well have been a plastic handled tool, as was common at that time. But by August 1987 even this M180 is no longer listed although having been still shown available in March 1986 .
This #3541 shown below is probably from early 1960s?





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