Stripping Knives

A new subject that may have additional works to update it. March 2023

MARPLES Stripping knives seem to have been introduced c.1890 and they appear in the 1897 Catalogue as Item # 1729A and are described as ‘Painters Ebony handled chisel knives, with Brass ferrules’.

Sizes were [width] 2.1/2″; 3″; 3.1/2″; and 4″.

In the 1903 Catalogue they are described as ‘Painter’s Ebony handled Chisel Knives, Brass ferruled. Same widths as 1897 but with a new number #6653.
In 1909 these widths of #6653 were available:  5 x 2″; 5 x 2.1/2″; 5.1/2 x 3″; 6 x 3.1/2″ and 6 x 4″.

The 1921 and 1928 Catalogue entries are the same and also the same widths as in 1909 are offered.
The 1938 Catalogue entries show the same sizes, but there was a price decrease on all sizes!!

By 1959 the following sizes of #6653 are offered:  1″; 1.1/2″; 2″; 2.1/2″; 3″; 3.1/2″; 4″ and 5″.  The big difference from pre-war is the fact that now the handles are only in Rosewood

2 inch example shown below:

1965 shows the following entry:

These #6653 tools are listed in the 1971 Addendum, but I can find no further listings:

You will have noted that there are only minor differences between ‘filling’ and ‘stripping’ knives.
‘Filling knives’ are ground to have a thinner, more flexible  blade. Whereas ‘Stripping Knives’ need to have more substance in the blade strength and are therefore ground slightly thicker. This can be hard to discern.                                       




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