Stop Chamfer Planes

The first indication that these planes were offered for sale by MARPLES is seen in the 1909 Catalogue, although they may well have been introduced before then.
The 1909 entry looks like this:

The 1921 entry is here:

The 1928 Catalogue shows this:

The 1938 entry is shown here:

And the last entry in 1959 is below and you will note that #2890 has been dropped from the line:

The last time that these planes were offered for sale is indicated in the Price List of April 1962 when both the #2891 and #2892 were for sale at 66/-.

The #2890 Stop Chamfer Plane had a curious metal insert, like a spacer/cap iron, that appears to be made of Aluminium. I must assume that this was the initial plane that came before the ‘Improved‘ and the one with the ‘Fence‘. The cutter on this plane is a ‘Single Shamrock‘, which should have stopped being used after 1875 when the ‘Triple Shamrock‘  emblem was patented.

The ‘Improved‘ Plane, #2891 is shown below here.  The adjustable shoe, which had a steel lower face, was height adjusted via the side sliding mechanism.



The Stop Chamfer Plane with ‘Fence‘ [#2892] was introduced having 2 different positions available for the fence.  This was not a later owner modification, because I have two identical planes.

A later version of #2892 is slightly larger, has a larger wedge and has only one screw position for the fence adjustment.



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