Stainless Steel Saws


 Although Stainless Steel [SS] was not discovered/invented/stumbled upon until 1913, it was much later in September 1931 pocket cat. that we find SS MARPLES saws were introduced as  Item #2515 a Skew Back, Carved English Beech handled Hand, Panel and Rip Saw. These were initially available in 22″ x 10 pts and 26″ x 6, 6.5 or 7pts, but sometime later [before 1938] a 24″ x 8 pts saw was added to the line.
In Sept 1931 there is no mention that these saws were a new addition, from which we may assume that they were probably introduced a little earlier. They are not mentioned in the June 1930 pocket catalogue, and I do not possess the March? 1931 pocket catalogue.  These Panel saws were offered for sale up to around March 1940. A similar situation exists with Item #2528,  an SS Tenon Saw, which is again first seen in September 1931 pocket cat. in sizes 10, 12, and 14″  and it available until at least September 1961.  As with all other MARPLES saws the handle medallion is ‘generic’ in nature.  The medallion and screws were nickel plated:

Below is a rare #2515 Hand Panel and Rip Saw:

Below are photos of the Tenon Saws

‘Later’ 12″ saw has 2.1/2″ blade depth. [shown above]

‘Early’ 10″ Open Handled SS Tenon saw with 2.1/2″ blade depth. [Above]

Above is an ‘Early'[ pre-war?]  12″ saw which has 3.1/4″ blade depth.  
Things to note: The earlier SS saws did not have a ‘wheat’ pattern carving on the handle [<c.1937], had SHEFFIELD ENGLAND on the ‘Back’ and ‘Warranted Superior’ on the blade.   The Open handle Tenon saw is presumed to be ‘Early’ as it does not appear in the 1938 cat. nor can I find it listed in any small catalogues before 1938!!.   The ‘Early’ Tenon saws had deeper blades than ‘Later’.  Saws after c.1937 show a ‘wheat’ pattern handle and were marked ‘SHEFFIELD‘ only on the ‘Back’ and ‘Warranted Cast Steel‘ on the blade. ​ Immediately below are Catalogue entries dated 1931:


From the above Catalogue entry you will see that the Beech handles are said to be ‘Polished all over’  i.e. they had a clear varnish finish and were NOT painted Black. From the photo below I note that the Medallion is different and, as with the screws, is Brass coloured. So I assume that this is how the SS saws were first introduced, but for how long is not known only that the handles were described as being painted Black in 1938. It can be seen that both saws below have the Wheat Pattern carving in the handles. 

Catalogue 1938:  You will note that the 1938 Cat. does not show a Cat. # for 2528!  [as shown above]  


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