This page is under construction and needs many more additions.  March 202

Below is shown the ‘Clyburn’s Spanner‘, one that has been with us a long time.  It is listed in 1861/2 Catalogue [where it is unusually numbered 020] under ‘Moveable Spanners’ and offered 4″-30″ in lengths capable of accepting  3/8″ -3″ nuts.  In 1873 it has #1010.  In 1897 it is #1181. In 1909 it is re-numbered back to #020 in sizes 4″-30″, but now accepting  1/2″-3″ nuts.  Also in 1909 it appears as a straight handle variety #021.   1921 sees the spanner only offered 6″-30″, with no straight handle option [post war shrinkage].  In 1928 it is again re-numbered to #3420 and again 4″-30″, but now 5/8″ -3″ nuts are accepted.  The straight handle appears again #3421.  The line is again reduced to 6″-30″ in 1938.  Post war in 1959 it still has the same configuration as pre-war but with no straight handle offered.  It was de-listed entirely before 1965.

Above is as it  appears in 1938.



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