Socket Chisels

                                                                                               SOCKET CHISELS



These may be the best chisels available, but they have one detraction, and that is the difference in humidity between Summer and Winter makes these chisels either loose on the handle or tight on the handle. It is difficult to come to a steady state.

Wm.MARPLES were certainly not the first manufacturers to have these items for sale, but they do appear in the 1861 Catalogue, wherein are listed a Cast Steel Socket Mortice Chisel; a Cast Steel Socket Chisel and a Socket Stalking Chisel. [The latter of which I have yet to know of a specific use]. The 1873 Catalogue lists, for the first time, chisels by an Item number.  The chart below has been compiled from catalogues of 1873 – 1959.  The 1965 Catalogue only lists #801 Strong Socket Chisel, #835 Bevel Edge Socket Chisel and a set of 4 #845 B/E Socket Cabinet Chisel with a Leather Tipped Beech handle.   By 1971 , no Socket chisels are listed.


The 1862 Cat. page is below: [1873 Cat. page is the same cut]

The 1897 Cat. Page is below:

The next 2 images are from the 1909 Cat.:

The next 2 images are from 1921:

The next 4 images are from 1928:

The next 4 images are from 1938:

The 1959 Cat. shows the next 2 images:

The last entry for Socket Chisels is found in 1965:


A Gallery of Socket Chisels:

The boxed example below is a set of 6 of #845..B/E Socket Cabinet Chisels,  Beech handled with  Leather Tip.   Presently I cannot locate the No. 2032 shown on the label!

Item #801 , below, is a great set of Cast Steel Chisels, Black Socket, Steel Hooped, Ash handled.

Below are shown No.834 B/E Socket Firmer, Ash handled and No.835 B/E Socket Firmer, Ash handled with Leather Tip. The larger chisel [also a #835] is a later example having no markings on the blade.

 Again, an almost complete set of #845.


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