Shuteing Planes

Shuteing Planes, also called Mitre Shuteing planes or Mitre Planes seem to have entered into the production by MARPLES around 1903?.  They are not shown in 1897 but are in the 1909 Catalogue and presently I have no access to the 1903 Catalogue.

The initial showing in 1909 [below] indicates a range of sizes and blade configurations but this was short lived.

By 1921, admittedly just after WW1, when across the board there was a reduction in variety of tools available from MARPLES, it can be seen that fewer of these tools were offered. The planes numbered 2988: 2989; 2990 and 2991 are no longer to be found as available.

The 1928 and 1938 listings are exactly the same in availability and price and you will see that the short 12 inch #2985 is no longer listed:

The next entry is in the 1959 Catalogue which shows that by then the Square Mouth #2986 has been dropped from production [because the skew blade is so much more efficient for these cuts]. ALSO the remaining plane has been re-numbered from #2987 to #2988.

The last listing that I can find for this plane is in the November 1963 Price List, it is not shown in the March 1964 PL and I surmise that the last offerings were c.December 1963.

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