Sheep Shears


                                       SHEEP SHEARS

I have found ‘Sheep Shears ‘ listed in the Catalogues as far back as 1873 [below]:

Those in 1897 are shown below:

Those of 1909 are shown below:

Those of 1928 are shown below:

Those of 1938 [below] are virtually the same as 1928 although just a little more expensive:

1959 Shears available are below:

The April 1961 PL shows the same item#s and sizes as in the 1959 Catalogue. The 1962 PL shows the presence of #7079 and #7080, but the numbers 7083; 7087 and 7088 were still available, but not in the 5.1/2″ size. By the 1964 PL only #7083 was available and then only in the 6.1/2″ size, and this was echoed in the May 1966 PL.

The catalogue entry for 1965 is below:

The last catalogue entry [ for #7083] that I can find is  November 1969 priced at 25/6d. It is hard to judge the age of this good example:



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