Rabbet Planes


These very basic planes seem to have been offered for sale by MARPLES since very early times, as they appear in the 1862 Catalogue:

The next entry that I have is in 1873 when the Square profile [#922] is offered as being available up to 1.1/4″ [in eighths] and then 2d. extra above that value.  The maximum width is not stipulated.
The Skew version [#923] is only offered up to 1.1/4″.  Boxwood edges are offered on both these issues at twice the price.   A Side Rabbet is offered in pairs [#920].

By 1897 the numbers have changed such that the ‘Square variety is #1051 and available up to 1.1/4″ in eighths and then as  1.3/8″; 1.1/2″; 1.5/8″; 1.7/8″ and 2″.  The ‘Skew’ planes  [#1052] had the same size offering.  Both these planes could be had with boxed edges for double the usual price.  Item #1049 was a pair of Side Rabbet planes.
The only difference in the 1909 Catalogue is that the numbers have changed.  ‘Square’ is #2845; ‘Skew’ is #2846 and #2849 is the Side Rabbet planes as a pair.
By 1921 there is no change from 1909 except that Side Rabbet planes are not offered.
1928 catalogue shows again a similarity in listings to those of before, but again the numbers have been changed.  The ‘Square’ plane is now numbered 2875, the ‘Skew’ is now 2876 and the boxwood edges are still available. The re-introduced Side Rabbets are now numbered 2879.  Everything else offered is the same as in 1909.
has the same listings as 1928 and the boxed edges are still available.
In the 1959 catalogue the range of both ‘Square’ and ‘Skew’ Rabbet planes has been reduced to: 1/4″; 3/8″; 1/2″; 5/8″; 3/4″; 7/8″ 1″; 1.1/8″; 1.1/4″; and 1.1/2″ only, and no boxwood edges are offered but the side Rabbets # 2879 are still available.
The last listings for these hand made planes are to be found in the April 1962 Price List. Both the 2875 and the 2876 could be had in 1/4″-1.1/4″ & 1.1/2″. The side Rabbet plane #2879 was still only available as a Pair.
The March 1964 Price Lists shows no listings.

The only illustration of a Rabbet plane shown in the MARPLES catalogues is this:

Some Photos of Rabbet Planes:

Here is a 1/4″ ‘Straight’,  showing the cut back body:

And a 1.1/4″ ‘Straight’ :

Compare that with a 1.1/4″ ‘Skew’ :

Here is a 1″ ‘Skew’ and below that is a mint 1″ ‘Skew’ in original wrappings!!
But on the plane below you will see that someone has ballpoint pen marked the price at 22/6d. which is the price for a 1″ Skew Rabbet plane in 1961!

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