Picture Framing Tools

In this section I will try to outline the tools that MARPLES manufactured that were associated with Picture Framing.  There will be no necessary ‘order’ here, just sub-sections, as I can get to them!


I can trace the exact same Mitre Block back to 1897 and forward to its’ possible demise in 1993.
You will see that there were a number of Item# changes with time, as well as a change in length.  In 1897 they are listed as ‘Beech Mitre Blocks‘ #2150E and with 10″; 12″; and 16″ lengths.

In 1909 although the picture ‘number’ is wrong [8616] the text is correct with a new number of 6816 and this number endured until the products demise [but see October 1990]. But it is still available in the 3 lengths as before.

As with many other tools, after WWI this product is not listed as being available, but it re-appears in 1928, but now only as 10″ and 12 “ lengths.

The Catalogue entries for 1938 and 1959 are the same, having the same item number and both 10 and 12 inch lengths.    1959 is shown here:

In 1965 the entry has been reduced to just a 10 inch size,  #6816:

Catalogue #16 shows a similar entry of #6816 which persisted to September 1972 when the number was changed to M6816, still with only a 10 inch length being available. This state of affairs lasted until at least November 1980, but in the February 1984 list the number has been changed to MR6816 and the length is indicated as 10.1/2″ [Marples/Ridgway].   Curiously the listing of March 1986 states the length as being again 10″, but this must be an error as in August 1987 it is again listed as being 10.1/2″.
This persisted until the October 1990 listing which indicates that the number is now MW2 [10.1/2″]. There is an MW1 shown at 9″.

By May 1991 the number has reverted to MR6816 and this number lasted until the de-listing of this tool around 1993.

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