Panel Saws


Below is the chart of Item# v. date            1897; 1909;    1921;   1928;    1938;    1959; 1965

Above is a really beautiful later saw [no Lamb’s tongue, 2-tone handle and Wheatsheaf design.(only on one side!)]   Probably c.1968. #2521 Joiner’s Handsaw, best quality. Swaged Skew Back, Beech two-toned Handle polished all over.   Available in 22″, 24″, and 26″blade lengths.

Below is another #2521, but again a later saw with no Lamb’s tongue, but not with a 2-toned handle.

Below is a 4 screw panel saw, swaged skew back with 2 tone beech handle which I believe may be a later than 1965 #2521. I cannot find any other description that would fit to this saw.

Obviously this example [2 photos above] is an extremely late saw [c.1975<] and shows a disgusting display of greed and avarice by a renowned Company.  Profit could be the only motive for distributing a ‘saw’ such as this.  The saw below is certainly from around 2004 and displays an even worse handle to the one above!  And I did not think it possible to trump that!

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