Pad Saws


It is amazing to see just how many different types of Brass ‘Ferrules’ were designed and used on the MARPLES Pad Saws over time.  Below are some examples, but dating them is very difficult.  

It can be noted here that the early Pad Saws had a strip of steel inserted and held in the mouth by 2 small ‘Ferrule’ holding screws. This strip was so placed to be between the actual blade and the 2 blade securing screws.  I have yet to determine when this strip was omitted from the formula, but the later saws do not have it and the saw blade is directly held by the 2 securing screws which could lead to saw blade damage, which could be significant at the narrower/shorter  end of the blade.

See below for additional information.

Below is from the M1 Catalogue Feb 1968.   Pad Saw #2421  was available in the 1965 Cat. and carried through until at least November 1982.

Above is from Aug 1973.

Around 1985 the number 2421 was changed to #2430 and this Pad Saw was produced until c.1991.  I can find no Pad Saws listed after that date.
Example of #2430 is below.

This next example of M2430 was produced at ‘Oscar Works‘ under the RECORD MARPLES name.


I think that the Pad Saw above is the earliest Pad saw mark I have seen…. merely a script of W.Marples. With a Boxwood handle it has a length from Brass to handle end of 8.1/2″   Either #698/99 [#2425/6 after 1909].

Above are 2 photos showing  W. MARPLES & SONS SHEFFIELD         Boxwood. 8.5/8″   Either #698/99 [#2425/6 after 1909].

Above is a rare Ebony Handled Padsaw with no discernible makers mark 8.3/8″ [but it is almost certainly by MARPLES#700, RN#2427 in 1909. 1897-1928.
Below is a rare Rosewood Pad Saw numbered 698A in 1897 but changed to #2425 in 1909. This saw is stamped W. MARPLES & SONS  SHEFFIELD. .  It is probable that Rosewood was available from about 1890 onwards but the last listing was in c.1928 .

The above 2 photos are of another W. MARPLES & SONS SHEFFIELD  Boxwood 8.3/4″     Either #698/99 [#2425/6 after 1909].

[Above 2 photos] W. MARPLES & SONS HIBERNIA   Triple Shamrock Boxwood  8.3/8″   Either #698/99 [#2425/6 after 1909].

[Above 2 photos] W. MARPLES & SONS HIBERNIA   Triple Shamrock Boxwood 8.7/8″ Either #698/99 [#2425/6 after 1909].

[Above ] W. MARPLES & SONS SHEFFIELD  Triple Shamrock in a rectangle mark on the Brass ‘Ferrule’. Beech 7.1/4#2421. c.1940-50?

[Above 2 photos] Wm. Marples & Sons Ltd. Sheffield England in raised lettering on a Gold painted cast pot metal ‘ferrule’.   Beech   7.3/8″
#2421.   ‘RED’ MARPLES Shamrock transfer denotes early 1970’s?

[Above 2 photos]  Wm. Marples & Sons Ltd. Sheffield England in raised lettering on Hammered Gold painted pot metal cast ‘ferrule’ Ash  7.5/8″ #2421.  ‘Seoval’ mark denotes c.1980’s?
The M2421 below is from c.1973 and of RECORD RIDGWAY Tools Ltd.<

The above estimations of both number and availability are only rudimentary at best because the documentation to support good estimations is just not available now.     Much of this documentation was destroyed by ‘Philistines’ during the destruction/demolition of the Factory and even the great Ken Hawley was not given the chance to rescue all the documents that were available then before they bulldozed 200 years of History into the dust.. Therefore, today, we can only guestimate the facts, but it will be forever true that the youth of any age will only regret their decisions too late in their life to realise the implications of their youthful desire to ‘start afresh’.

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