Other Chisels


The first reference to these chisels that I can find is in the 1897 catalogue, but they were probably introduced earlier, unfortunately I am unable to locate any earlier catalogues. They are not listed in the 1873 catalogue.  They are called ‘Double-ended draw lock chisels’ because they have 2 cutting ends which are at right angles to each other. The cutter which is at right angles to the shaft is 5/8″ wide.
The other chisel end is in line with the shaft and is 5/16″ wide.   The whole tool is 5 inches long.  The 1897 Item number is 836A and that is because at the same time MARPLES produced Single-end draw lock chisels which had Boxwood handles and were numbered 836B and 836C, sold individually…..see below:

In 1909 the item numbers were changed to #886 for the Double ended and to #887 for the Boxwood handled pair. At this time #886 was sold for 8/6d per dozen. 1909 catalogue entry is below:

By 1921 the boxwood pair #887 is no longer listed and #886 is still 8/6d per dozen.
The 1928 listing is below:

By 1938 item #886 is listed at 12/9d per dozen, and by December 1959 they cost 4/6d each, after that date they are discontinued.

The later chisel [above] looks as though it has been sharpened many times!

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