MA43 Plane Study

The MA43, or as it appears in the Price Lists MA.43, probably was first available around March 1965.
When C&J Hampton took over MARPLES in 1962 they must have looked hard at the duplication of tools that MARPLES were then producing and those that RECORD then produced.  They must have decided that it was ludicrous to produce identical lines, but concluded that MARPLES had a large ‘fan’ base.     They therefore decided to continue production of ‘MARPLES‘ tools and to then gradually fade this mark out in favour of their RECORD line.
Around this time the old M40 Single Arm Grooving plane was eventually replaced by an updated MA43 plane, which echoed the lines of the RECORD 043 in that it had 2 fence arms and a ‘bridged’ fence.
Although the MARPLES M40 is still shown in the mini-catalogue P61 of 3/64, the then current price list of 3/64 does NOT list this plane as being available and this 3/64 Price List also does not list the MA43 as then being available.
The only Price List /Catalogue listings that I can currently find for the MA43 are as follows:
1st April 1965           36/- (referring to that item on p.24 of Cat.15) MA43
1st Nov 1969             38/- (referring to that item on p.24 of Cat.15) MA43
The 1971 mini-Catalogue and Supplementary Catalogue of 1971 (month not stated) does not show the MA43, nor any other ‘M‘ planes.
It may be deduced that the MA43 was possibly available from                  March 1965- January 1970 and during this time it was not changed at all, since RECORD were not renowned for changing specifications once one was working fine!.
The Description in Catalogue #15 (1965) is that the ‘Plated all overMA43 Plough Plane was supplied with 3 cutters…1/8″ 3/16″ 1/4″  marked ‘MARPLES‘, all except the 1/4″cutter which was marked as ‘MARPLES‘ and in addition ‘MADE IN ENGLAND‘.  The 3/16″blade was supplied ‘in the plane’ with the  other 2 being supplied in a blue plastic pouch.
[The M40 was described as a ‘Grooving Plane’ but with the same cutter sizes as the MA43]   In addition is the fact that the M40 could cut grooves 1/2″ deep up to 3″ from the edge [of the work], whereas the MA43 could cut grooves up to 1/2″ deep up to 4″ from the edge.
They also advertised additional cutters of 4mm and 6mm as being available for the MA43.

Note: Above photo shows the depth fence inserted incorrectly, the longer flat should be towards the rear of the plane.

Is totally Nickel plated and the high areas are polished.   It is 5.5″ long and marked ‘MADE IN ENGLAND ” on the skate at the RHS rear.

Lever Cap and Screw:  Are also totally nickel plated.   The screw always had a  1/2″ diameter head and the thread length was 11/16″.  This was longer than the body screws. The Lever Cap from heel to toe is 1.5/8″ long.

Body Screws:  [Fence and depth adjustable screws]   The Finer and earlier screws had a 7/16″ diameter with a thread length of c.7/16″.  The later and more coarse knurled screws seem to have slightly more a diameter at  15/32″.    But we have to acknowledge that these screws are so easily interchanged that it it is hard to come up with a hard and fast rule.           Rods: Are 7mm (1/4″) diameter and 134mm long, including the rounded ends.

Blades: The 3/16″ blade was attached to the plane and the other 2 are contained in a small blue plastic wallet.

Screws:  At some time, [and I presume this occurred around 1965], the 3 fixing screws on the body were changed from having a fine knurling to a head having more coarse knurling.   The depth of the knurled head was around 1/4″.

Box and Labels:
It was only labelled on the end of the box, that end which was also used to open the box.
[ 5.3/4″long; 2.5/16″across and 2.7/16″ tall]

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