M75 Plane Study

The M75 Plane, an utter copy of the STANLEY 75 plane, was intoduced to the UK market at the onset of the ‘M‘ series of planes, in February 1933.

The picture below was used throughout the manufacture of this now rare plane…Feb/1933- c.6/1940.

This is from the February 1933 Catalogue.

This plane was manufactured in exactly the same format from 2/33 through c.1940. The last listing I have for this plane is in the May 1938 catalogue.

From 2/33 to 3/38 the spare cutter was listed at 9d each. From then on till 10/38 they sold for ..one shilling and one pence!

It should be noted that the much better bullnose plane, the M77, was introduced in August 1938, and this was a more adjustable Bullnose Plane. The M75 had an Adjustable mouth but this was very difficult to adjust and was very coarse in the adjustment. So it is no wonder that the old M75 was de-listed shortly thereafter

The price of the M75 was introduced at 2/3d and the spare cutter as 9d. This continued until Sept 1936 when the plane price was increased to 2/6d. In October 1938 the cutter price was increased to 1/1d. Consider this that the whole plane, including the cutter, was available for 2/6d. So the plane was worth 1/5d!

The body was always 4″ long [with the mouth totally closed] and 1″ wide. The rear edge was painted black, but the front aspect was clean.

The lever screw was always 7/16″ wide, 3/32″ deep with a fine parallel knurl and nickel plated, and the Lever Cap was 2.1/4″ long and 5/8″ wide.

The mouth adjusting slotted bolt was nickelled and the head was 3/8″ wide, 1/8″ deep and it was 7/8″ long

The new blade was 3.5″ long and had a useable length of 1″.

It is no wonder that the M75 was discontinued with the advent of the much superior M77. This latter plane was so much earsier to adjust, but was much more expensive.!


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