Necking, Nosing and Table Planes

I can only find one reference to these planes and that is in the 1909 MARPLES Catalogue.  They may have been shown in an immediately previous [1903?] or immediately post catalogue [c.1914], but I do not have those catalogues in order to draw that information.

As yet I do not know the difference between a Necking or a Nosing Plane!  I do know that Nosing planes had a semi-circular iron in order to put a rounded ‘nose’ on the front of stairwell treads.  Also Table planes were sold in pairs to cut the joints on drop leaf tables.

The measurement [e.g. 3/4″] on the heel of a Nosing Plane denotes the diameter of the semi-circle that will be put on the end of a board.  In other words the plane is matched to the depth of the stair tread.

Here is a great example of a 3/4″ Nosing Plane:

More to come….be patient!!

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