Mincing Knives


                                        MINCING KNIVES

These tools, which were designed for Kitchen use, are what I suppose were used before ‘Minced Meat’ was available from our local butcher. They would have been used to ‘mince’ or shred meat or other foods into small pieces.
From the catalogues I can deduce that these Knives were available in 1888 and probably a good few years before then.

Below are the 1888 entries:


Here are the 1897 entries;

The #273 Strong Cast Steel Double-Tang Square Mincing Knife was available at this time. [See below for a  new 1909 number for this knife Item #6856]

The 1903 Catalogue shows no differences with the 1897 Catalogue.

Here are the 1909 Catalogue entries:

You will see that the 5.1/2″size Square Mincing Knife is no longer available and the 1903 Catalogue also shows this. [otherwise everything else is the same]

The 1921 catalogue shows a reduction in styles [post war] with only a Square and Half-Round knife shown as being available:

And by 1928 these are shown:

1938 sees the last mention of these kitchen utensils and you will note that the 6.1/2″ has been omitted  then these Kitchen Utensils disappeared forever..

So there is no mention of these knives in the 1959 Catalogue and we must assume that their function was overtaken by more modern technology shortly after the War.
Some examples:
This is a fairly early Square Mincing Knife, probably pre-1909 and therefore numbered 269.

Below is a great ‘Half Round‘ knife with a mark suggesting c.1870 . These knives were numbered 270 in 1897 and changed to #6851 in 1909 and until produced no more.

This is a rare one, it can be seen only in the 1888 Catalogue. #273A
Although described as ‘Bronzed Frame‘ it appears that the steel frame was merely coated with Bronze coloured paint.





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