Mason’s Tools

Under this title may be found the tools that ‘Masons’ used.
There is an overlap between  a Mason and a Bricklayer. The latter being primarily involved in laying courses of bricks for a building whereas a Mason was able to integrate/lay other building stones such as granite or limestone, and not necessarily in a uniform measure. There are therefore overlaps in the tools employed and I have tried to extricate just the tools used primarily by a ‘Mason‘.

The 1873 Catalogue seems to list the earliest Masons’ Tools:

Next are the listings from 1888:

The 1897 Catalogue sees these things:

From there we progress to the 1909 Catalogue:


1928 Catalogue:

From the 1938 Catalogue:


Many tools were discontinued between 1959 and 1965.

From the 1965 Catalogue [#15]:

In the Supplement to the slim 1971 Catalogue there is only this shown:

I did set about doing a Table for these tools, going from 1909 onwards, but there are simply too many tools and variables to do this successfully!  So I can only recommend that you peruse the shown pages from the catalogues [above] and draw your own conclusions.


Here I will try to show as many of these Masons’ tools as I can find .

As far as I can tell,  a MASONS’ Drag Saw and Cocks’ Combs were listed as far back as 1897, but I must assume that you know what these tools were for, because I certainly do not!!

The 1897 information is below:

The 1909 listings [as before] show a change of item numbers:

These items were not listed [ along with many tools post WW1] after the war in 1921 but re-appear in the 1928 Catalogue:

The 1938 Lists the same tools at the same prices as the 1921 Catalogue..

But the 1959 Catalogue only lists this:

The last listing of these tools, that I can find, is in the Price List of November 1963

Here you can see a good Masons’ Drag, but I suspect that the ‘Combs‘ are now few and far between.

Here is a Masons’ Cocks’ Combs #4258 A&B :

#4222 Brick Cleaning Axe:

#4310 Pointing Trowel:

#4349 Paviors’ Hammer:

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