Invoices and Letters

Over the years I have sought to collect MARPLES Invoices and Letters issued by the Head Office.  I will eventually try to put them in date order, but for now I just want to get them scanned in so that you can see them. (As an aside I have noted that Peter Stewart Marples [son of John Kent Marples] who entered the firm in 1940, is listed as Secretary in 1962, Sales Director in 1964, Director in March 1965 and Joint Managing Director in 1971. [Perhaps I should show this in the ‘History’ section, but it is information that can be gleaned from this study])


This letter was sent out to All ironmongers at the outbreak of war in September 1939:


You will note from the letter below in 1962 that the recipient is extolled to destroy all previous price lists and amendment sheets. Thank goodness that not all Ironmongers were either able to read, cared to ignore the advise or refused to be ‘bullied’, otherwise we would have no documented history to call upon here!!

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