Hand Drills

MARPLES Hand Drills were not really introduced into the line-up until 1984 and then they were only a ‘RECORD Tools‘ extension of their #423 and  labelled M423.  This drill had a  Jacobs 5/16″ chuck and key,  Black enamelled wooden handles and a Blue Malleable iron frame and parts.

Around July 1989 I find that there are now 3 drills offered, M423; M422 and M421.  The M423 has a keyed chuck whereas the M422 was like the M423 but had a keyless chuck.   The lightweight for DIY M421 had a 3/16″ hand tightened chuck, was constructed of an Alloy and had plastic handles. The handles were highlighted with different colours [Blue and Green have so far been identified] and the handle had a screw fitted round end cap and could house drill bits in the hollow centre. It was nevertheless still double pinioned  and these were enclosed [see photos] The only identification that this was a MARPLES was the transfer name on the side of the gear wheel. The M421 also was not furnished with a side handle. It really was ‘cheap and nasty‘.

By January 1994 only the M423 and M422 are offered for sale. and by 1996 even these are not to be found listed anymore.

Below is the entry for Feb 1984 along with a catalogue photo.

Below is shown the 1988 entry showing just an M423 for sale:

The entry below is from July 1989 showing the introduction of M422 and M421:

Here is a breakdown diagram from 1991:


I have yet to find a picture of an M422.


And then the M421 showing the enclosed gears and no side handle provision:

Note the 2 different colours.

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