Glass Cutters

This is a page that is presently under construction  March 2023

A Glass cutter #2077 called ‘Plate Diamonds for Glass 1/4″- 1/2″ thick‘ is found in the 1888 Catalogue and was re-numbered to #6689 in 1903.  It was re-numbered again in 1909 to #6617 and appears as such in 1921.  In 1928 it is shown as being available with 3 sizes of diamond;  R, S and T [the largest] and this continued through catalogues 1938 and 1959, but not in the 1965 catalogue. The example shown here is ‘S‘.  The inscription reads ‘LONDON‘ so the cutters were probably made by a London firm for MARPLES.  The handle is Rosewood.



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