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In this section you will find items that I have for sale. These will either be items of which I have ‘doubles’;  items of which I am willing to relinquish ownership, or items that I have accurately reproduced for sale.  I will always be honest with you as to why I am offering them for sale.  Please note that I only sell tools in first class condition, they may be either MINT (as from the Manufacturer) or EXC+ (as from the Manufacturer but expertly re-finished by me [50 years experience] or slightly less than MINT.   I will never sell a tool that I have not adequately described.

1862 MARPLES Catalogue:

I spent months getting this very rare 1861/2 catalogue (there is only ONE original extant, which I have)  photographed, printed on the correct paper and made into an absolutely authentic bound copy. [Stitched and bound as per the original].    I have only have 10 copies of this catalogue left [out of 29] and when they are gone, there will be no others for sale, …ever.     I am selling each copy for $150CAN, not including shipping.  If you are a MARPLES enthusiast you will kick yourself when these are all sold.  Remember, there is only ONE original copy left in the World. 

As an example is the image [below Left] of the front cover of the original which has suffered mould and water damage over the years.  But the copies [below right] that I am selling have a front cover that is extensively cleaned up [at great cost!] and with the hidden writing restored, which is no mean feat.  

It is 7.25″ x 10.25″ and is antique bound by a local Antique book binder exactly as per the original.   See also the ‘Catalogues ‘ section…..



Although not exactly MARPLES,  I have previously had re-produced an exact copy of the 1939 RECORD TOOLS  Brace catalogue.  The original catalogue is  EXTREMELY rare and my copy is a totally exact reproduction [almost indistinguishable from the original!].  I have only 4 copies left  and they  are for sale at $30US per copy plus shipping. Never to be seen again. [Below]   The diagonal band is only because people like to copy the page!

WS transfers:

My internet site of  was written by me to document all the tools made by the company of WS Tools Ltd.   I have had reproduced the only 2 handle transfers that were put on these planes according to the correct time, and they have been reproduced in the correct original Gold, Black and Red colours.

I sell the  ‘A WS PRODUCT’ transfer for $2 Can each and the ‘CRAFTSMANS  WS CHOICE’ transfer for $3 Can each.  Minimum sale is a block of FOUR of any one transfer.   Shipping is extra.  but I still stand to lose money on every transaction because few people understand the quality of WS or even collect these planes and I have invested heavily in this project. [I charge a $2 fee for handling [Back and forth to the PO to post].


For MARPLES Water Transfers  please see the section……..
‘Water Transfers for sale’.


I have literally so many old tool catalogues, from so many old British Manufacturers, collected over the last 30 years. But now is the time to pass them on, before I kick it and everything goes to the dump.    Please contact me with your wishes/desires/cannot live without needs, and I probably have it.  ALL my catalogues are G+++ or better.

I am selling off my RECORD collection of tools [85% gone  and catalogues, and as always, I have only the very best left. [Any collector is loath to part with the really good stuff, so only that is now left!]   It costs nothing for you to contact me to enquire!! 

As probably the World’s expert on WS Tools Birmingham [See my site: ] I have a large amount of very first class WS tools and I have now reached the age where they need to go to good homes.  { I have no #7; #4.1/2 or #5.1/2 left}


As I have collected so many MARPLES tools in order to write this site, I now find myself able to let many of these tools go as they are either superfluous to my needs, or I have doubles.  You are invited to enquire as to whether I have that specific MARPLES tool for you!!

I can ship to most countries in the World, but I reserve the right to refuse to send to some [ e.g.  China; Mongolia; India; Pakistan; Chad; Nigeria; Bolivia; Brazil etc…you get my drift!]




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