Dowel Rounders and Sharpeners

The first issue that I can find in the Catalogues to represent these tools is in 1909, but as always these tools may have been introduced a little earlier.  The ‘Rounders’ were available in 3/8″; 7/16″; or 1/2″.

It can be seen that the Dowel Trimmer was to put a bevelled edge on the very end of the dowel, whereas the Dowel Rounder was used to put a rounded profile to the end of the dowel.

The 1928 Catalogue shows these pages:

By 1938 we have these pages:

The 1959 Catalogue shows that the Dowel Rounders have been de-listed:

The 1965 Catalogue shows this Dowel Sharpener as being much shorter:

The last mention of the #1636 Dowel Sharpener is to be found in the November 1969 Price list at 10/6d.  By 1971 there is no listing of this tool.

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