Compass Planes

The 1862 Catalogue shows that Compass planes were available from MARPLES as a plain plane[!], or with a plated sole; or with a wood stop or with a brass screw stop.
Strangely the 1873 Catalogue only lists a #849 Compass Smoothing plane to 2″, and nothing else?
The 1897 Catalogue shows these and with a new number system:

And the 1909 Catalogue again shows new numbers for these planes:

The 1921 Catalogue planes are shown below:

And 1928 is here:

In 1938 these planes are shown as being available and #2836-2839 are eliminated:

By 1959 we come to this:
Prices were   34/-: 36/-; 38/-.but now all under the one item #2830 umbrella.

The last listing of these hand made planes is shown in the April 1962 Price list where they are shown as being available for  40/6d; 42/6d and 45/- each according to blade width.  So we can conclude that, as with most other Shamrock Planes [Hand made] they had their demise around 1963.

PHOTOS to follow:

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