Combination Tool

This tool is a real rough and ready tool for almost any function!

Item #3620 is listed as a Combination Tool under Case Openers and first found in the 1928 Catalogue, and this tool [below] was indeed as described, having a hammer, hatchet, nail extractor and Case opener.   Listed  in 1928 at 4/6d each, in 1938 they were 5/- each. In the 1959 Catalogue it is no longer shown as having rivetted wooden handles, but only as a shrink wrapped vinyl over steel handle [uncomfortable to be sure] and at 13/- ea.  The last listing I can find is in the April 1962 Price List at 14/3d each.  

Above is the 1959 offering with a photo below:   Many times this tool will be found without the handle covering and I doubt that this was ever issued as such[below]:

Below is a pre-1959 example with wood applied and rivetted handles, it has had a tough life!:


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