Coachmakers’ Other Tools & Wheelwrights’ Tools

It was not until the publication of the 1888 Catalogue do we see that MARPLES got into the manufacture of specialised Coachmakers’ Tools.
Also included on this page will be Wheelwrights’ tools, as they are listed together by MARPLES.
There we see a Coach Side Axe:

Strong Wrought Iron Cramps 5″-12″:

Draw Borers:

T-Plane irons up to 2″ in 1/8th increments, but no plane bodies:

Also listed, but with no images, are ‘Iron Stock Squares‘ in sizes 6″;8″ and 10″, and a Trimmers Hammer in #2 size.

The 1897 Catalogue shows the following:

Please note that Side Axe; Cramps; Draw Bore pins; Trimmers’ Hammers and Squares are as per 1888 listings. The T plane irons #194 are only listed as being available 1″-2″. New listings are for Coachmakers’ chisels; 14″ Iron Stock T bevels; Solid Cast Steel Framing hammers [#1126 @ 10 pence per lb!!]  ; Routers  and  ‘Spider Mortice Bevels‘ [no image]. With other Wheelers’ tools.

Available 1/8″ -2″


1909 Catalogue sees these entries:

Available 1/8″-2″


The Side Axe is now #1274
The Cast Steel chisel is now #650; the B/E chisel is #655 and the Incannel gouge is #660. The Bent Iron G cramp is now #4724 and a new item Welded Iron G  cramp 8″-18″is #4725. The Trimmers’ hammer is now #3908. Many other tools have been listed as shown above, but I do not see a listing for the T plane irons. The Framing hammers, now #3390, are available in 2.1/2-4lbs.

The 1928 Catalogue shows these pictures:

The above extract shows us, for the first time, an actual image of the Squares and Bevels. It also introduces Wheelers’ or Coach Shaves and 18″ Panel Gauges.

I do note that the Trimmers’ hammer is still available, but it has been moved by MARPLES to be listed under ‘Upholsterers’ Tools‘!
They did this just to confuse me 55 years later!!

Next are the 1938 tools:

As seen above the B/E chisel is no longer offered.

The Side Axe and Cramps are the same as 1928 and Trimmers’ Awls and Hammer are still to be found under Upholstery Tools.

The 1959 Catalogue listings show a drastic reduction in the availability of these specialised tools:

And then all three of these tools were discontinued at the end of 1963.

Wheelers’ Rounder:

Fork Shaft Rounder…Brass Bushed:



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