Bull Nose, Chamfer or Chariot Planes

These planes were very short lived as I can find them only in 1897 and 1909.   So maybe they were available slightly outside of those dates.

The 1897 catalogue lists these under ‘Bull-nose and Chariot planes‘.  Can we therefore assume that the Beech Bull-nose plane was offered before this date, but in a not Improved form??
You will see that the Beech Bull-nose plane has a different front to that of the Boxwood.

And the 1909 catalogue shows these planes, with Item number changes, under Bull Nose or Chamfer Planes.    A note here is that the Chariot Planes were only ever offered in Boxwood:


Photos of some planes:
The first plane is a Boxwood Chariot plane having a total length of 3.3/4″ , width is 1.3/8″ and with a 1″ blade.  The top of the nose shows the ‘W. Marples & Sons‘ mark along with ‘PRESTON    MAKER’.  Presently I do not know whether this indicates that Edward PRESTON made the plane for MARPLES.
The blade has the James Howarth mark.

And here is the Bull-nose plane in Boxwood:
The top of the nose is marked  ‘W. MARPLES & SONS‘ and the blade is marked ‘WARRANTED

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