Breast Drills

These hand operated large boring drills were very short lived.
I can only find them listed in the 1897 and 1909 Catalogues, outside of that I see no listings.
I think it safe to estimate that these now rare drills were offered for sale from c.1895 to c.1912.
If you can find them they will be in poor shape and probably with missing parts. [Especially the ‘level’ on those drills that were provided with such.]   The Rosewood turning handle is particularly prone to having a rusted out centre steel rod which has expanded and therefore cracked the Rosewood handle. Expert restoration is needed in this case.

Here are the 1897 Listings:

And below here are the last entries of 1909:
The only drills that survived from the 1897 listings are shown here with their re-listed numbers:
Breast Drill No.1191 became #6045
Breast Drill No.1191A became #6046
All the other 1897 Breast Drills became obsolete and were discontinued in favour of new drills as shown in the 1909 Catalogue. [below]

Here is what I think is a #6407 Breast Drill:

And below is a #1191B:

The next example has a MARPLES chuck and therefore British [BSF or BSW] chuck thread [which would not fit on an American Breast Drill frame] but I cannot locate this example in the catalogues that I have. It may be a later or earlier #6407 or even a #6506, the latter of which we have no pictures.




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