Back Saws


Below chart is Item# + dates issued: 1897; 09;   21;      28;       38;        59;    65

Here are the short forms explained:


The Beechwood handled ‘Fancy Brass Back’ saws [also called Gents’ Saws] were available 1909-c.1971 and numbered 2620A, 2530 and 2640  according to date [see Master List].     4″-8″.

The Fancy Back or Gent’s Saw above is towards the 1971 date. A short brass ferrule and thick handle varnish. The older saws had a longer brass Ferrule and fancier turning.

The Rosewood ‘Fancy Brass Back’ saws [above] were available for a short time 1909-c.1914?   They do not show in the 1921 catalogue and probably were dropped shortly after the beginning of WW1.    4″-8″ #2620.   Again, note the long brass Ferrule. 

 MARPLES also issued a 6″ [M2433] and 8″ [M2434Steel backed ‘Cabinet Maker’s Saw’ between 1985 & 2000. But from c.1994 only the 6″ was listed

The next 2 photos may show that 6″ Steel backed saw #M2433 c.1994

The M2434 below is obviously later:

And a still later edition is shown below:

From approximately 2006 to 2008 [and maybe also after manufacturing was exported out of UK] Irwin-MARPLES produced a ‘Dovetail Saw with reversible handle 250mm‘. Numbered T13-250 .

Here is one that I can find listed nowhere.  I think it was called an ‘Inlay‘ Saw and it has a 2.1/2″ long blade, very fine. The handle looks to be a later issue, but the mark on the brass back shows only ‘Sheffield‘ with no ‘England‘ impression.  A bit of a mystery this far.



Above:  Two examples of #2527 Joiner’s Brass Back Best Quality.

The Brass back saws above and below show a gradual degradation in the letters of the stamp, starting with the ‘D‘ in SHEFFIELD and progressing to the ‘L‘ in SHEFFIELD  then to ‘L‘ in LTD, the ‘L‘ in QUALITY and the ‘N‘ in ENG.  These degradations can also be found in the Steel backed saws.
I am unable to find reference anywhere to these ‘Late’ Open Handled Back saws and so believe that ALL the saws here are #2527A  [Joiner’s Brass Back “Special” quality.] The smaller saws may have always been Open Handled in this line and you should note that they all have Steel fixing bolts.

Above: Joiner’s Bright Steel Back #2526.

Above: The 1909 Catalogue shows #2610 Special Iron Back Saw with an Open Handle.

Judging by the Font and Style [above] I would think that this is a very early saw, perhaps c.1860 [no ‘& SONS‘]

Later examples of #2527 shown above with a Two-Tone Polished Beech handle, and below with a Mahogany handle..
These later handles show a lack of design and little thought as to comfort.

Below is a Brass back saw with a distinctive curved handle, but I am unable to find it in the Catalogues that I possess.

Below is a later #2526A Steel Back closed handle.

Below is what I believe to be a #1315 Back Saw with a unique ‘VR’ mark and because there is no ‘Ltd‘ it must be <1897.

Below is another mystery saw that is Open handled Beech, brass backed and having the rarely seen ‘VR‘ mark .  c.1895?

Below is a #2526 from c.1900



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