Astragal Planes

Astragal planes are mentioned in the 1862 Catalogue, but with no item number, and for that we have to wait until the 1873 [ or possibly before] catalogue when they are called #857.   In 1897 they are shown as #984 and as being available up to 5/8″for 2/4d and every 1/8″ to 1″  were 3d. extra and 4d extra above that 1″ size.  In 1909 and 1921 the same range of planes were offered but with #3000 being assigned. The basic plane up to 5/8″ was 2/6d +3d, +4d.

1928 saw a reduction to 1/2″ at 5/- +6d, +8d.  1938 was the same price for the extra sizes with a base price up to 1/2″ of 7/6d.   By 1959 #3000 was 25/- with 1/ 6d. being charged per 1/8″ above that 1/2″ size.

They are still listed in 1962 but not in March 1964.

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