Catalogue Inserts 1928

The following inserts were all found in a pristine 1928 Catalogue and must have been maintained by an individual who was a stickler for correctness.  There are no pages listed under which to ‘stick’ the inserts, but direction must have been given at that time as to where to paste the new material.  As far as I can deduce, most of the inserts are from c.1933.  These inserts are exceedingly rare and I am very pleased to show them to you here on this site.
They are listed here according to the page numbers of Cat. 1928:

Page 18:

Page 46:

Page 50:

Page 52:

Page 54:

Page 58:

Page 60.  These next 2 inserts were back to back:

Page 68:

Page 70:

Page 72:

Page 78.  These next 3 inserts were to announce the introduction of the ‘M’ series of iron planes:

Page 84:

Page 122:

Page 124:

Page 150:

Page 164:

Page 206:

Page 217:

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